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Imagine Building
Smarter Financial Applications
in Minutes

Xignite Financial Web services make it easy for you to enable websites and software applications with financial market data with minimal coding and zero infrastructure. We've tried to put everything you need to get going online, but if you run into any difficulties at all...we're here to help!

We do our best to respond to all support inquiries, including trial accounts, so don't hesitate to contact us or submit a helpdesk ticket for any issue. However, we must give priority to current Xignite customers on active support plans. If you are a current Xignite customer on an active support plan, please be sure to indicate this on your ticket request to ensure the most accurate SLA performance and tracking.


Xignite Support Team

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Getting Started

Are you new to web services?  Don't know how to get started?  Getting started is easy.

Trying a web service using your browser

You can use our interactive test forms to run our web services in your browser.  No previous web service development experience is required.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Register for an account on our website.
  2. Pick the service you want to use from our catalog.
  3. Click on the Free Trial button, to sign up for free trial.
  4. After you sign up, go back to the web services page.
  5. Click on operation you want to try.
  6. In the Test Form, enter some values for the input parameters.
  7. Click on the XML or Tabular Format button – the results will display in a separate window.
  8. Repeat these steps for other any other operation or web service.

You can review your quota and hits usage within your My Account page.  if you are a developer, you are ready to integrate the web service into your website or application.

integrating a web service with an application

You can start pulling our web service data into your application in minutes.  Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose whether you will access our web services using SOAP or HTTP. For help on answering this question, check out this tip in our Development FAQ.
  2. If you chose SOAP, select a SOAP-enabled development toolkit. Many of our users use Visual Studio.Net but there are dozens of toolkits out there.
  3. Point your development toolkit to a web service WSDL URL so that you can discover the service.  You can find that URL by clicking on the WSDL menu on the web service page.  You can cut and paste it in your toolkit.
  4. Start coding away.  Our website provides sample code for the following toolkits: Microsoft.Net (VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net), Microsoft ASP, VB6, PHP/NuSoap, Apache Axis, Perl/SoapLite. If you use any of these environments, you can just cut & paste our sample code into your application.


Additional Help

If you need additional help, you can:

  1. Check out the Development Tips and Troubleshooting sections of our site.
  2. Shoot us an email.
  3. Contact us online.


Even watch a video to see how easily you can use SOAP to build an application in less than 60 seconds.